Alzheimer’s Disease Destroys Neurons that Keep Us Awake

By Nicholas Weiler on September 04, 2019
Study Suggests Tau Tangles, Not Amyloid Plaques, Drive Daytime Napping That Precedes Dementia

Mapping the human brain to combat Alzheimer's

By Berkeley Institute for Data Science on July 16, 2018
An article featuring research lead by Grinberg lab post-doctoral fellow Maryana Alegro, PhD for Berkeley's Institute for Data Science (BIDS). To read the full article, see the BIDS webpage.

UCSF Faculty Senate Profile

By Kathryn Sill on February 02, 2018
Profile and video of Prof. Lea Grinberg written and produced by the UCSF Faculty Senate discussing her work as a scientist, and how her life growing up in Brazil has lead to her career as a neuropathologist. Read the full text at the Faculty Senate Website.

UCSF News: Early Alzheimer’s Brain Pathology Linked to Psychiatric Symptoms

By Nicholas Weiler on October 12, 2017
Coverage of Grinberg lab study on the pathological foundations for early neuropsychiatric symptoms in Alzheimer's disease. See the full story at the UCSF News site. 

New York Times: Brain Trauma Extends Research into Soccer

By Sam Borden on September 23, 2014
An article in the New York Times covering research conducted by Dr. Lea Grinberg and her team that identified the presence of the disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in professional soccer players.