Alzheimer's disease pathogenesis
The Grinberg Lab investigates the basic principles and pathogenesis of aging and early stage neurodegenerative disease using postmortem human tissue from normal controls and patients.
Grinberg Lab
The Grinberg Lab is part of the UCSF Memory and Aging Center - a large and dynamic multi-professional group dedicated to researching the causes and cures for degenerative brain diseases.
Neuropathology of Neurodegenerative Disease
The Grinberg lab utilizes a well characterized set of human post-mortem tissue to study Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative diseases.
Validating neuroimaging modalities
The Grinberg lab develops and utilizes advanced computing pipelines to validate neuroimaging modalities such as PET with post-mortem histological evaluation.
Sandler Neurosciences Center
The Grinberg lab is housed within the Sandler Neurosciences Center at UCSF's Mission Bay Campus.
Public Outreach and Education
The Grinberg Lab regularly participates in education and outreach events. Check here for upcoming public education events involving Grinberg Lab researchers or the Memory and Aging Center as a whole.
Support Neurodegenerative Disease Research
If you are interested in making a financial gift to support the research efforts of the Grinberg lab, please visit our giving page