UCSF Faculty Senate Profile

Profile and video of Prof. Lea Grinberg written and produced by the UCSF Faculty Senate discussing her work as a scientist, and how her life growing up in Brazil has lead to her career as a neuropathologist. Read the full text at the Faculty Senate Website.

For Lea T. Grinberg, MD, PhD, her childhood dream of becoming a scientist seemed farfetched. It sat upon a distant shelf next to other mystical dream careers, like “astronaut.”

As a child, Grinberg would ride her bike to the local university campus on the weekends and gaze into the large windows of the chemistry department’s laboratories. She would wonder if maybe someday, she too, would call herself a scientist.

“I am originally from Brazil, where unlike the U.S., becoming a scientist is not a realistic career choice,” Grinberg said. “It is something that many dream of, but only a few achieve.”

Now years later, her childhood curiosity has turned into a career. Grinberg is a neuropathologist and an Associate Professor in Residence of Neurology and Pathology at the UC San FranciscoMemory and Aging Center, where she oversees her own Grinberg Laboratory.

The team at Grinberg Laboratory consists of 20 individuals that she oversees and works with. They study donated human post-mortem brains to discover therapies for neurodegeneration diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, and sleep patterns. While many researchers focused on human neurodegeneration use animals or other cells to draw research conclusions, the Grinberg Laboratory uses actual human brains... 

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