Shima Rastegarpouyani, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Shima is a Neuroscientist with a background in cell and molecular biology, having completed her PhD at McGill University, Canada in 2022. Her doctoral research focused on the brain's neural circuits related to pain perception. Intrigued by the brain's complex wiring, she explored the development of these circuits and their role in neurodegenerative diseases.

Now at the Grinberg lab, Shima is applying her understanding of neuroanatomy and neural circuits to a new area: sleep disorders in Alzheimer's disease. She is investigating how disruptions in sleep-related brain circuits contribute to the progression of Alzheimer's, with the aim of uncovering insights that could lead to improved patient care. Her overarching goal is to understand how diverse neural circuits converge and operate together as a cohesive unit within the brain.

Outside of her research, Shima is a keen outdoor enthusiast. She finds inspiration and rejuvenation in biking and hiking through nature's landscapes.